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So what kind experience is an erotic massage Las Vegas escort going to give? Well, being one of the best Las Vegas strippers to your room, let's just say you're going to be very happy with how I give it. From the moment your tantra massage Las Vegas experience begins to the every last second of the ending, you are going to be in complete heaven. Don't worry about a thing. I want you to feel comfortable with it, so lay back, relax and let me get to work. Just make sure to keep my number, because you'll want me back real soon.

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Hello. My name is Candice and I can be one of the girls direct to your room. I know you are after a great time in Las Vegas. Everybody is. Whether you are here for business, leisure or any other engagements, fun is never far off your list of activities. This is Las Vegas after all and what brings you here does not hinder you from wanting and having fun. The fun just calls you. That is the magic of sin city. But in Las Vegas, you need to know where to get that fun. Walking into any of the many casinos, nightclubs or strip clubs will not guarantee you fun. The one thing you should always get right in Las Vegas is your company. That is what will determine whether your time in Las Vegas will be memorable or not. Good company translates into a great time. Poor company means you will have a time you will want to forget. And nobody wants to have that in Vegas. I’ll tell you a secret which people sometimes get to learn the hard way. If you want a great time in Las Vegas, Las Vegas escorts are your best bet. Las Vegas escorts make the city tick and they are fun catalysts.

As you can tell from my photos, I have a an amazing ass, beautiful tits, blonde hair and big eyes. I have many other great qualities you will love but unfortunately, you cannot see them. I’m a lively person who enjoys eating life with a big spoon. It is almost unheard of to see me sad. I seek to make the best out of every situation. I do not let challenges bog me down. I believe there is more to make me happy than there is to make me sad. My attitude is infectious and whatever situation you have or you are in, I can guarantee you will have fun with me. You will be able to forget your issues and concentrate on having fun. I also like to try out different things. Even with my experience, I have not experienced even a quarter of what I would like to. There is so much to see and learn. That is why I’m always ready to try new things. And if they turn out to be fun, I will not hesitate to do them again and again. This is partly what has led to my success as one of the top Las Vegas escorts.

The best escort services are about sharing. When you are with me, I know my job is to make sure you have fun. But my style of delivery is different from that of other Las Vegas escorts. While other escorts will be focused on trying everything they can to make you have fun, I do not. I have that fun with you. That makes it a mutual thing and the fact that we both get to enjoy ourselves, it automatically becomes memorable. If I concentrate on making you have fun, chances of me having fun are few. But when I have fun with you, we create memories. I’m not saying you will not have fun when someone does her all to make you have fun. All I’m saying is that it will be much more fun and much more meaningful if it is mutual. Besides making it mutual, I also strive to make all my services unique. I serve classy people who do not want what everyone else gets. They want unique services. That is why when you are with me, I will tailor my services to your unique needs and personality. To do that, I like to spend a few minutes with you getting to know you better. This is best done over a drink or meal. There are many places for this in Las Vegas such as Wynn Las Vegas.

I do not want to go into the details of what I will do to you and for you. I just want to tell you that you will be blown away. I have been in the scene for a few years and have gathered experience. Besides the experience, I am naughty at heart. My “dirty” mind likes to come up with different fun things to do and I like trying them. It will be better if we can both think of naughty stuff and then do them together.

They say that you leave the best for last. Besides being an escort, I am also a stripper. I strip at Treasures. You can come and enjoy my show and even get a lap dance from me. You will get to see firsthand what you will be getting when you choose me as your escort in Las Vegas. When you want strip teases and dances, you will not get them from an amateur. You will get them from a professional of good standing and great experience. Being a stripper, I have been hit on by many women. I have also been approached by many of them to teach them how to strip. But I am one of the few Las Vegas escorts who still escort men exclusively. I can perform at your party if you have a bachelor party and also escort you at the same time. There is no need of you trying to look for two different people for that. You can enjoy my stripping with your guests and my expertise as an escort alone. We can keep it a secret if you want or we can be seen together. Either way, I’m comfortable. It also does not matter how much time you have. I am able to work with whatever time and still be as effective as if we spent a whole weekend together.

If you want quality services in Las Vegas which befit the classy guy that you are, then do not hesitate to call me. There is so much we can do in whatever time you have. All you need to do is contact me. You will thank your lucky stars that you contacted me. My number is 702-478-1555.

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